Jeff Hewitt for California State Senate 2014, District 23

I would like to thank all of the individuals and companies that supported my campaign running for state senate.

It was a very enjoyable and eye opening experience. We did not get the result we would have liked, but getting more than twice the percentage of vote than any other Libertarian in California when there are at least one Republican and one Democrat showed that the tide is turning. I especially fared well with the newspaper endorsements and showed that when our message was put side by side with the others, we could prevail.

It also taught me that a larger base of local Libertarians is needed for ultimate victory and that is why I will be dedicating much more time in the immediate future in mobilizing and invigorating that base. This state needs Libertarian values and the way to accomplish it is to build from the bottom.

Again, I could not have accomplished any of this without the financial support of so many and time and services of so many, e     specially from the state party and the San Bernardino chapter.

- Jeff Hewitt

Mayor pro-tem Jeff Hewitt of Calimesa announces his intention of seeking the state senate district # 23 seat recently vacated by Bill  Emmerson.  Mr. Hewitt was born in Redlands and  except for a handful of years in San Diego attending San Diego State, he has resided and worked in the Inland Empire.  He graduated from Yucaipa High School and finished his education at Cal State San Bernardino with a B.S. degree in biology.  He has dug thousands of swimming pools through out the district and observed the creation of many new neighborhoods.  The fate of the area lies disproportionately in the hands of urban coastal regions of the state that now control the upper and lower houses.  He feels his experience on the city council the past three years preceded by his six years on the planning commission has helped prepare him for Sacramento.  However, his gregarious and curious nature over the last 40 years in the thousands of back yards with home owners, aka tax payers, has given him a profound realization of what people want.


Jeff Hewitt with his family.

Alcalde pro-tem Jeff Hewitt de Calimesa anuncia su intención de buscar la sede de distrito # 23 Senado Estatal recientemente desalojada por Bill Emmerson. Sr. Hewitt nació en Redlands y a excepción de un puñado de años en San Diego en San Diego State, ha residido y trabajado en Inland Empire. Se graduó de la escuela secundaria de Yucaipa y terminar su educación en Cal State San Bernardino con una licenciatura en biología. Ha cavado miles de piscinas a través hacia fuera del distrito y observó la creación de nuevos barrios. El destino de la zona se encuentra desproporcionadamente en las manos de las regiones costeras urbanas del estado que ahora controlan las casas superiores e inferiores. Siente que su experiencia en el Concejo Municipal en los últimos tres años, precedidos por sus seis años en la Comisión de planeamiento ha ayudado a prepararse para Sacramento. Sin embargo, su naturaleza gregaria y curiosidad en los últimos 40 años en miles de metros de espalda con los propietarios, también conocido como contribuyentes, le ha dado una profunda realización de lo que quieren.